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Random Convo of the Day

Posted on: December 13, 2006

So I go outside to have a cig this afternoon – I know, I know but usually I go when I need to think or develop details for a project. It helps, seriously.

Anyway, I work in an old warehouse that has been converted into office space. However the conversion is never ending and there are constantly big huge red dumpsters near the loading docks aka my “thinking” area.

So this afternoon, I’m pacing thinking about how I want to blow out this marketing plan – when this voice says “Hey, aren’t you glad it’s nice out today?”

Now, I’m not taken aback by this because I usually am friendly with the construction guys around the building and just thought it was the usual small talk from them.

Except I look up – and directly in front of me is the red dumpster with a homeless guy sitting on the side with his legs in the dumpster. For a second I thought it was Jimmy Cricket (except not an insect or a cartoon). So I am taken aback.

Me: Yeah (startled)
Guy: Well, it’s probably nice you don’t have to wear your fur coat to come outside.
Me: Well, I wouldn’t wear a fur coat but yes, I like that it’s not raining (Why I am trying to prove my social advocacy??) It’s supposed to be 50 degrees on Friday (What??)
Guy: Man, that snow we got last week and it was 87 degrees in Florida, I thought to myself, “I am in the WRONG place!”
Me: Give Global Warming a few years and I’m sure we won’t be far off. (Again with the social advocacy!)
Guy: Yeah, Yeah I know. But remember when it was several days of 100 degrees this summer
Me: (No) Nods
Guy: I was saying I wouldn’t ever curse the cold weather again (Grabs a large pipe and places it in his shopping cart) but I’m afraid lighting might strike me down.
Me: Yeah, I know what you mean (No, I don’t.)

The guy went back to his metal salvaging and I went back to trying to think and then realized I was done smoking so I went inside.

I don’t know what it is, but I get into conversations with random strangers all the time – not the kind while you are standing in line in the grocery store – although I’ve done that too – but I am asked at least twice a week for directions. It’s crazy. My mom says it’s because I look nice and cute. Awww… thanks Mom.

I wish I would have done participated in a more constructive conversation with this guy – ask him if he was okay, did he have a place to stay? But no, my first instinct is to become the neighborhood social advocate. Oh well.


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