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Things I love about living in Chicago, not but really

Posted on: December 8, 2006

– Random shooting in the Metra station, leaves me high and dry on the way home. Well, not really high and dry, more like crap, I have to walk forever and grab the red line or crap, I have to get the bus and change to another bus (I hope that’s the right way). But really it was, cool I’ll take the Ashland bus to the Clark bus, crap the Clark bus never came so I’ll walk north and stop by the cat shelter where I volunteer (rarely, but I can warm up and then walk to the L) but balls, it’s already closed, so I’ll just go on to the L (oh yeah, like 30 minutes of total walking), man all these Chinese restaurants make me hungry, wow there’s a random drunk guy and a woman swearing WAY too loudly, yay L, yay chinese place right off the L, yay home! Tired of reading this, yeah, it sucked.

Oh, and my face (cheeks) are SO dry. Thanks wind. Guess there goes that idea about putting on my mint julip mask tonight, my face might fall off.

P.S. I love this Primetime show on North Korea. It isn’t interesting that the North Koreans that Diane Sawyer interviewed know nothing about the Nike hat they are wearing, telling her it came from Japan, but school children can speak English with both a British and American accent and sing their favorite song, Do Re Mi. Fa, a long way to run indeed, Diane.

Yay winter.

Edit: the shooting was in the building that houses the Metra station, and kept the trains for obv. reasons. However they were up and running by 5pm. AT THE TIME I LEFT. Yet all the internet media was saying otherwise. Love the speed and accuracy,


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