Life is Busting out ALL Over!

How is it Monday?

Posted on: December 4, 2006

I thought FOR SURE I’d be coming home to watch Gilmore Girls at 7pm tonight. It occurred to me about an hour ago that it’s indeed Monday – which I’ve known all day long, not like I woke up thinking that or anything. Weird how the mind plays tricks…

Dear Risotto,

I’m so sorry I burnt you. I think it was cockiness on my part. Boyfriend (see below) had just told me that I needed to buy more because it was soooo good the last time. I look down in my pan and you were a little burnt, before I even put the chicken broth in. Sorry. You are my “go-to” dish – the constant thing I know I can make. I understand you’re probably a little hurt, well clearly if you look at the bottom of the pan. Again, I will do my best to continue to cook you best. Maybe we both can blame Boyfriend. I mean, it was his compliment that drove me to distraction.

Yours always,

Dear Sweet Phone Call,

I’m not sure what vibes you sent to Boyfriend, usually when I call him, and he’s out watching Monday Night Football/College Football/ Out at a noisy bar, he’s kind but short on the phone. However tonight, it was you Sweet Phone Call, that came through the Cell Towers. He was complimentary (ouch, risotto) and even called me Baby and said I love you before hanging up. This of course, violates our unspoken “Don’t say it in front of friends, don’t want to get made fun of” (him) or “Don’t say it in front of friends, I don’t want to be that girl or have them start asking about engagement rings, ’cause they’re all married and know” (Greenleaf Gal) thing we both seem to silently agree on and understand. He was out with people, with whom he has recently become friends – I know this because at some point – during the risotto compliment, I believe – he said to someone “It’s my girlfriend”. So yay YOU, Sweet Phone Call. You know that there’s nothing upsetting going on in my relationship, or that maybe we’ve fallen in to the old routine rut and like it – but at any rate, I thank you. It was nice.

You’re the best!
Greenleaf Gal

Hooray for Tuesday, (almost).


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