Life is Busting out ALL Over!

Random Rainy Wednesday

Posted on: November 29, 2006

In typical Chicago weather, it went from 60 to 38 and raining in like 2 hours today. Walking home sucked. Going to Curves was scrapped for a bowl of soup.

Today was a random day, did well at work but hardly did anything at all. Other things:

– I randomly decided to apply to grad programs in LIS instead of Higher Ed – talked to Pops and he was all for it – my rationale was prime – research and community social action. Told Boyfriend and he flipped the F out, made me feel crappy because I knew I had convinced myself b/c it was an easier program… a way out I guess. Boyfriend was right but it sucked.

– Higher Ed is back on – just need to grow some balls and quick.

– WTF is One Tree Hill all about? Peyton and Lucas? Aren’t they just friends? Wow, my lame TV watching really did leave me when I moved out when I did with roommates.

– Totally doubted relationship with Boyfriend today before the crappy phone call. I’ll see him tomorrow so I guess I can gauge the situation better. I’ve lost so much confidence in the last 2 years. It peaked when I met him and just went downhill. I can’t help but wonder if the relationship is the reason or if it was him challenging me to dare to dream and wanting to be a better person for him that spun the wheel.

– Think I should visit BFF’s aura reader soon. Sort want to do it before I apply to grad school but think it will have to be after. Just need to remember that I am the one in charge here, not anyone else.

– Wednesdays suck without LOST.

– Miss my old body desperately – wonder if I’ll ever get it back.

– Sort of sick of myself.

– Tom Skilling drives me bananas – just get to the point, man.

Stay classy Chicago.


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